Sicko: Michael Moore Film

Sicko: Michael Moore Film

Posted on behalf of East Sussex Branch of the Co-operative Party

In a post-Brexit trade deal with Trump  "nothing is off the table...."   What would the implications be for our NHS?

Michael Moore's 2007 documentary on the state of the U.S. health system has never been more relevant.  Filmed at a time when the World Health Organization listed the U.S. health in general as ranked 37 out of 191, with certain health measures, such as infant mortality and life expectancy, equal to countries with much less economic wealth, interviews are conducted with people who thought they had adequate coverage but were denied care.  The film compares the US system with other models of healthcare, such as our NHS, including input from the late, great Tony Benn. 

The East Sussex Branch of the Co-operative Party (a sister party to Labour) invite you to a free showing, and a glimpse into the future of our health service, if we're not prepared to fight for the values upon which our NHS was founded.

Although descibed by the critics as: "Wickedly entertaining... magnificent.... exhilerating and hilarious"  the film also serves as an urgent wake up call to defend our NHS.

All welcome. Certificate 12A

02 Nov 2019 at 11:00am
until 02 Nov 2019 at 1:00pm
43-49 Norman Road
Saint Leonards-on-Sea
TN38 0EG

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